Holiday Cottages Cornwall

Lansallos walks

1 Lane by Church 2 Lansallos Church 3 The footpath walk to the beach
4      The footpath walk to the beach 5 6 Lansallos beach
6 7 8


Lovely walks. A walkers paradise. A few 100 yards from the holiday cottage is the old village church. Leading off from the church (1) & (2) is a really pretty sunken footpath (3) & (4). Walk down the footpath. Footpaths lead off the main footpath but proceed down to the gate (5) at bottom of the footpath. Go through the gate and the field and Lansallos beach will be in front of you. There are 2 entrances to this sandy beach. One entrance (to the main part of the beach ) is obscured but will be on your left. The other part of the beach will be on your right, the access being next to the pretty little waterfall (6). Facing the sea, take the uphill footpath (7) on your right (the Cornwall coastal path). Proceed for approx 40 minutes along the good coastal walk (8) to the small sandy beach at Lantic Bay. This beach is also accessible by road, with a car park, so you can be fetched by car at the end of your walk! Or proceed for 3 miles in the opposite direction along the coastal path to Polperro.